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There’s a basic toolbox for graphing with charts and market analysis. Use pictograms on the left vertical panel of your TensorCharts screen to active the drawing tool and then plot them on your price chart. To remove unwanted drawings from the chart, select the drawing tool on your chart and press the Delete button on your keyboard.


Use the Trend Line drawing tool to plot current trends or price formations. Plot for example Triangle Formations and focus on their edges – keeping an eye out for breakouts - crypto loves Triangle Formation Patterns.

Standard deviation channel

Standard deviation channel can help you to measure price deviations during trend channels.

Parallel channel

Parallel channel drawing to lets you to plot trend channels to support your technical analysis studies.

Fibonacci retracements

Important drawing tool for FIBO traders. Plot Fibonacci extensions on the last swing and trade the pullback on the Fibo levels.


Measure tool allows you to analyze volume within a defined range/area. Just click and drag your mouse over a chart area and get the data about buy/sell/delta/total volume as well as percentage/nominal price change.


L = Line

F = Fibonacci Retracements

Y = RaYline

D = Standard Deviation Channel

E = Equidistant Channel

M = Measure

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