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The Trades Counter is the buyers and sellers’ power dominance in one chart. Forget about old fashioned oscillators and divergence price indicators. Monitor buying and selling pressure in real time and see which side of the market gains or loses power.


Focus on the overbought and oversold zones and compare these extremes on the price chart; scalpers uses these extremes as short term reversal zones.

See the dominating power on the market and watch how one side of the market loses power as the other gains it - sometimes you can even see this info before the price starts reflecting the reaction..


  • TC video tutorial on Trades Counters



    TensorChart user mostly monitors several counters related to different timeframes and volume filters. To add a new Trades Counter click on + NEW button; you can monitor as many counters as you wish all together. To remove an unwanted Trades Counter simply use the X red button on the right side of each counter.


    Set the desired time frame to display in minutes in the first column of each Trades Counter. Set volume limits by typing numbers to … <V< … .field. Trades can be filtered out only for counters up to 60 minutes.

    Volume filter

    You can filter only large orders to compare via the Trades Counter or just monitor trade volume intervals. Several different filters related to the counters with same timeframe settings can be compared together via the group button.

    Counter’s ratio chart

    To plot Trades Counter development related to price and time history in separated bubble chart - the Counter Ratio - click on the chart pictogram button.

    This is a visual representation of the action seen in the Trades Counter. Though still an experimental indicator, it functions similarly to an oscillator that gives a sense of when buyers are overtaking sellers, or vice versa.

    Look for an increase in the size of the circles, as the larger ones represent overbought or oversold conditions, especially when price action remains in lull. Alternatively, the counter’s ratio can provide signals of euphoria (to the upside) or capitulation (to the downside) once a strong trending move is taking place.

    Click on the chart pictogram button on the desired Trades Counter. Deselect the previously selected counter by clicking on the chart pictogram button again.

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