Introduction to scripting module

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TC Scripting Module allows you to access all of the data loaded in app. You can easily code and analyze TC data, only basic basic JavaScript knowledge is required. Scripting Module comes with a few helper functions and libraries to ease your coding.

Basics mechanics of the script: you write a data analysis, define name and interval (milliseconds). So if you set the interval e.g to 2000, it runs every 2 seconds.

Save copies of your scripts outside TC. Also data structures and API can change in the future.


Description of each data structure is not part of this manual. To study TC data, open browser console (F12) and output desired data to console, e.g. console.log(trades)

data description
trades last 20min of trades feed
largeTrades last 24h of large trades
orderBook current orderbook
chartData trades heatmaps, orderbook heatmaps, candles, volume bars,…
currentRangeChartData chart data of current range(domain)
counters your current counters
market market name
exchange exchange name

Each script has its own scope accessible by “self.” prefix. You can store there script’s state variables for the next script run.

Functions and libraries

TensorCharts provides you few functions and libraries which allow you to enhance capabilities of data analysis scripts and also to interact with TC itself, like charting price lines/annotations or creating your own voice assistant.


function description
speak(textToSpeech string) your own voice assistant
beep(type int) sound alarm (type 1==positive, 2==negative), type can be omitted == default sound
browserNotification(title string, message string) sit creates browser’s push notification so you don’t have to watch TC all the time


simple-statistics library as “statistics” object

technical analysis library as “TA” object candlesticks and price patterns detection or 25+ indicators

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