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Tick Chart

Tick Chart enables you to display the latest order structure in one diagram. Different sizes and colours of stripes represents order buy/sell side and volume.

100 ticks / 10min

See the latest 10 minute order diagram or focus on the last 100 ticks/orders. Tick display is not related to the time parameter but to market behaviour. A fast market means a fast Tick Chart development and vice versa.

Volume filter

Enables filtering of market orders by volume size. Simply type the desired number to display only order above this ratio. Works great in combination with “Sound signal” option.

Currency Converter

Use the calculator pictogram button to display realised orders of any cryptocurrency in its BTC/USD value.

Sound Signal

Is a Sound alert on every trade that you filter. Leave trades filter: volume > 0 to hear sound on every realised trade on the market or set you own desired trades volume level to alert you only on the most important orders. There are different sounds for buy and sell orders and it is very useful for intuitive scalping during a volatile market.


Are you tired of monitoring the market whole day? Set the sound signal to the largest trades to alert you when there is an action on the market. Leave TensorCharts minimised in your browser and open it again when you hear sound signal..