Large Trades Tracker

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Track large trades directly in the price chart. This function is very intuitive thanks to the “bubbles” interpretation system. When you turn on the Large Trades Tracker you will see the largest trades directly in the price chart. You can also filter the volume size, buy or sell side and scale of the bubbles. This is one of the most intuitive tools on Tensor with great trading information value.



Select buys and sells or simply one side of the market orders to display via bubbles. Green represents buy (large buys) and red is for large sells.

Minimal volume filter

Leave on default settings as this displays only the most important trades or use filter slider to move minimal volume to display to the desired level. You can also define your filter by value by changing the number in top-right corner.

Bubbles’ scale

If you would like to display bigger or smaller bubbles, scale them by increasing the scale number.


Focus not only on the color but also on the bubble clusters. These bubble clusters are often important levels that can be reversal points.

Learn what to anticipate from previous market behaviour on the current day. Are buyers or sellers aggressive today? You will spot them by the large green bubbles and vice versa.

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